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  • Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk’s rivalry continues! 🥊

Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk’s rivalry continues! 🥊

Apple makes history!

Hey Geeks, miss us much?😜

We are back with our Bi-weekly AI newsletter, where we spill the beans on the hottest and coolest topics in the world of AI, technology, and business. In this edition, you’ll get the scoop on:

🍎 Apple makes history as first $3 trillion company

🎮 Stability AI CEO: There Will Be No Programmers in Five Years 

🚗 Tesla delivers record number of cars as price cuts lift sales

♻️ The Ai trained to recognise waste for recycling

🎥 Why AI matters with: Edmad Mostaque

 🔎 Product Review!!!

Copy.ai has been a game-changer for our writing process, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Pros: Remarkable content generation. Versatile templates for experimentation. User-friendly interface. Continuous improvements.

Cons: Limited customization options. Occasional inconsistencies in output.

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 Tech Fun Facts: 

AI is even being used to create new forms of life. In 2022, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley created a new type of bacteria using AI. The bacteria, called Synthia, was designed to be more efficient at producing biofuels.

🔥 It’s Going Viral:

Apple makes history as first $3 trillion company amid tech stock surge

Company’s strong balance sheets, cash flows, and involvement in artificial intelligence have attracted investor interest. With quarterly results surpassing expectations, Apple's reputation as a safe investment during economic uncertainty is reinforced. Go get your shares now!

Stability AI CEO: There Will Be No (Human) Programmers in Five Years 

Emad Mostaque: AI-generated code could eliminate the need for human programmers. With 41% of code already AI-generated, is the future of programming in the hands of artificial intelligence? Will AI replace programmers? What’s your take?

The car maker had set a new delivery record in Q2 with 466k vehicles, surpassing analyst expectations. Impressive performance solidifies Tesla's position as the world's most valuable carmaker. Do you trust Elon?

📈 Trending Tech Talks:

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🧡 Geekflare Exclusive:

  1. What is Amazon ECS?

  2. What is Kubernetes?

  3. Comparing ECS and Kubernetes and their Use Cases

While using a VPN on your computer or mobile device is common, integrating a VPN router into your home network takes privacy and freedom to the next level.

  1. How Does a Man-in-the-Middle Attack Work?

  2. Types of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

  3. Real-life MitM Attack Example & Best Prevention Practices

📰 Quick News:

The AI trained to recognise waste for recycling

The world is drowning in waste. By 2050, solid waste production is expected to increase by 73%, reaching 3.88 billion tonnes. AI tackles the waste problem. Greyparrot uses AI to analyse waste processing, influencing packaging design and waste management.

Threads: Instagram owner to launch twitter rival on Thursday

Meta is launching Threads, and app to compete with twitter. It will be linked to Instagram and described as a “text-based conversation app”. Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s rivalry continues!

📝 Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Drones can also be used for good such as first responders (DFR), more efficiently inspecting agriculture or power lines, or delivering our packages faster.

Creativity is often thought of as an inborn trait, but the reality is that it can be taught and fostered.

Adobe recently announced the beta of its redesigned Adobe Express software. The app is intended to offer a more beginner-friendly option for anyone wanting to create their own posters, banners, logos, PDFs and more.

🐦 From The Bird App:

⚙️ Tools To Explore:

  1. Codesphere: Deploy anything in under 5s, no DevOps experience needed

  2. Jeli.io: Respond faster, see patterns, learn from your incidents

  3. CheckYa: The All-In-One Tool For Freelancers And Creatives.

  4. Behavio: Brilliant and budget-friendly AD TESTING

  5. Specific: Find patterns in user feedback to build what really matters

  6. Feed: The first food-focused social commerce app

  7. Impossible.js: Build Terminal Apps in JavaScript

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