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  • Microsoft to invest $1.7 bln in cloud and AI 💰

Microsoft to invest $1.7 bln in cloud and AI 💰

[inside] China emerges as a hub for 369 unicorns and more ‌

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🤯 Mystery Deepens As Super-Powerful AI Appears, Then Disappears

🚀 MongoDB Launches Program to Help Enterprises

🐍 An Ultimate Tutorial to Data Types in Python with Examples

🔥 How to Add Firebase Authentication To Your NodeJS App

 Tech Fun Facts: 

Those catchy ringtones on your phone? They were originally created by classical composers like Beethoven and Bach.

🔥 It’s Going Viral:

"I do have a soft spot for gpt2," Altman wrote on X. (OpenAI already released a model called GPT-2 back in 2019).

The F-150 Lightning, equipped with a larger extended-range battery, can power an average home for up to three days, according to Ford.

The company said that it’s been investing in ML and automation to make it faster and easier for brands to create AR try-on assets.

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MongoDB Launches Program to Help Enterprises Implement GenAI

MongoDB has launched a program designed to help enterprises embed generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) into their applications.

Meta to Let Xbox, Lenovo, Asus Build New Quest Metaverse Hardware

Asus’s Republic of Gamers is working on a “performance gaming headset,” though details are currently scarce on exactly what that means.

📝 Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

To illustrate just how innovative real time technologies are, we will build a chart application which automatically updates with new dynamic online data.

‘Data types’ in Python is a common terminology that is used. Before kick-starting data types in Python, it is crucial to know what a data type is.

Security is an absolute must for any application, whether you are building a simple pet project or a potential unicorn startup.

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  3. Rankify: Instant AI SEO keyword research generator

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