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  • Microsoft Economist: AI will aid bad actors!

Microsoft Economist: AI will aid bad actors!

[ inside ] Google offers Passkeys for Google Accounts and more.

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From AI-powered solutions in business to tech industry layoffs and entertainment news, there are a variety of developments making headlines this week. Here are four topics to watch:

  1. AI in Business Trends: YouTube's AI-powered music ad solutions for small businesses

  2. Tech News: Google's new passkeys for Google Accounts

  3. Tech Industry: Cognizant to lay off 3,500 employees despite Q1 profit increase

  4. Entertainment News: Hollywood writers on strike over the use of AI in scriptwriting

Tech Fun Facts:

In 2020, a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed an AI-powered system called "Painting Fool" that can create original works of art, including a painting that sold for over $40,000 at auction.

Google it, its amazing!

Trending Tech Talks:

  • MIT Introduction to Deep Learning 6.S191: Lecture 2

  • Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Lecturer: Ava Amini

Its Going Viral:

The passkeys for Google Accounts became available Wednesday, and the option will be available to administrators of Google Workspace accounts soon, according to the blog post.

  • Danger of election interference cited by Michael Schwarz

  • He sees clearly a need to regulate Artificial Intelligence

Cognizant's margins currently stand at 14.6 per cent, which is comparable to Tech Mahindra, and is among the lowest in the IT industry.

Geekflare Exclusive:

Twitch has taken live streaming to a whole different level. It has many things going live at any moment and an ever-growing community hooked to it.

Search engines powered by AI have gained so much prominence in recent times. With this surge also comes the potential promise and the perils of losing too much too soon of human research and fact-finding skills.

  1. What Is Cryptography?

  2. Whats Lattice-Based Cryptography?

  3. How Does Lattice-Based Cryptography Work?

  4. Benefits of Lattice-Based Cryptography & Learning Resources

Quick News:

Blue verified checkmarks are coming to Gmail

Google is going to start displaying a blue checkmark next to select senders names on Gmail to verify their identity, the company announced on Wednesday.

'Plagiarism machines': Thousands of Hollywood writers go on strike over use of AI in scriptwriting

The disagreement over AI is among several issues that prompted Hollywood's film and TV writers to commence a strike on Monday, which is the first work stoppage in 15 years

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Kubernetes offers a uniform interface for orchestrating scalable, resilient, and services-based applications.

However, its complexity can be overwhelming, especially for developers without extensive experience setting up Kubernetes clusters.

Thats where Gefyra comes in, making it easier for developers to work with Kubernetes and improve the process of creating secure, reliable, and scalable software.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a basic understanding of Go and its core concepts, such as variables, functions, loops, and structs, as well as a working snake game to show off your new skills.

From The Bird App:

Business Trends:

The announcement came on the heels of the Coachella music festival, one of the industrys largest stages. YouTube serves as a hub for festival content, especially among Gen Z.

AI Ethics:

Booz Allen Hamilton [BAH] on Wednesday said it has made a strategic investment in Credo AI, a small company that has developed a governance platform that helps customers maintain oversight and manage compliance, regulations and risk around their artificial intelligence


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  2. Dokably: One workspace for your work docs, tasks, and whiteboards

  3. Prelaunch.com: Product validation platform

  4. Parsio 2.0: Automate data extraction with AI-powered document parser

  5. Tailkits: Curated Tailwind CSS components, UI kits, tools & more

  6. Nymble: Cooking robots to put your everyday eating on autopilot

  7. BloombergGPT: Bloombergs 50B parameter LLM, built for finance tasks

  8. Virtual Board Room: Encrypted virtual board room for privacy and security

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