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  • 🤝 Meta & Microsoft Unite: 'Llama 2' AI

🤝 Meta & Microsoft Unite: 'Llama 2' AI

[ inside ] 🍎 Apple's 'Apple GPT' vs. ChatGPT and more.

Hey there, AI enthusiasts! How’s it going!😜

This week was intense and we have a lot to catch up on. So, let’s just dive in like old friends! Here you go:

💼 Executives at Adobe, Uber, Diageo, TBWA Leverage Generative AI

🧠 Predictive AI vs. Generative AI: Key Differences

🌐 Build Web3 NFT Dapp: React, Solidity, CometChat

🐍 Python Developer Guide: Step-by-Step

🤖 AI Researchers Observe ChatGPT's Shifts

 Tech Fun Facts: 

AI algorithms used in medical research and diagnostics, such as IBM's Watson, which can analyze medical images, assist in diagnoses, and design personalized treatment plans.

🔥 It’s Going Viral:

Apple Inc. is quietly working on artificial intelligence tools that could challenge those of OpenAI Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and others, but the company has yet to devise a clear strategy for releasing the technology to consumers.

After years of talk about the power of artificial intelligence, it was the sudden impact of generative AI earlier this year that got the global marketing community to sit up and take notice.

The Llama 2 model is freely available for research and commercial use and can be accessed via Azure AI, AWS, and Hugging Face.

📈 Trending Tech Talks:

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🧡 Geekflare Exclusive:

According to an Infosys survey, over 76% of businesses already use or are considering using AI tools for their everyday processes. This makes it essential for everyone to learn about this nascent technology and how it works.

📰 Quick News:

Nothing CEO Carl Pei on the Phone 2, AI, and the future of gadgets

Nothing wants to invent the future. But you don’t get to invent the future if you can’t first make it in the smartphone biz.

📝 Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Are you a blockchain enthusiast looking to explore the exciting world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their unique capabilities?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the title of “Python Developer” can mean many different things, depending on the specific industry and company.

The first step is to create an example for ChatGPT to follow, ensuring the generated code meets our standards. Alongside the example, we need to clearly explain our requirements…

🐦 From The Bird App:

📊 Business Trends:

Microsoft unveils new AI features for Bing, Microsoft 365 to enhance consumer and business search, productivity, and data insights.

🤝 AI Ethics:

Measuring both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in terms of a range of different requests, the research team found that the OpenAI LLMs became worse at identifying prime numbers and showing its “step by step” thought process, and outputted generated code with more formatting errors.

⚙️ Tools To Explore:

  1. Anytype 2.0: A safe space for your thoughts, private, local, p2p & open

  2. Superhuman AI: AI email that sounds like you

  3. Jellybean: Run employee benefits, perk & reward programs on Slack

  4. Heepsy 3.0: Redefining influencer discovery and analytics

  5. SEOBox.ai: Get personalized backlink & PR opportunities in your inbox

  6. Moonlock Engine in CleanMyMac X: The new technology for stronger Mac protection

  7. Llama 2: The next generation of Meta's open source LLM

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