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  • 🤔 Google Talks Up 'Responsible AI.' What's That All About?

🤔 Google Talks Up 'Responsible AI.' What's That All About?

[inside] Biggest Gemini Announcements

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🥊 Bezos Fears Amazon Lags in AI Race

🫱🏻‍🫲🏻 Apple's AI Strategy: Facing Heat from Gemini & OpenAI

🚞 NVIDIA Teams Up for AI-Powered Robotics

🚀 Zustand vs useState – How to Manage State in React Apps

 Tech Fun Facts: 

The first computer virus wasn't designed to steal data or damage systems, but to spread a message that said "I'm a creeper, catch me if you can." This was created in 1971 by Robert Thomas.

🔥 It’s Going Viral:

The person reportedly said Amazon is considered the "most vulnerable" Big Tech company in the AI arena.

Google and OpenAI have announced significant updates for their AI models and features, creating more competition for Apple ahead of WWDC.

Google also announced that it was even aiming to hit a 2 million token context window by the end of this year, further expanding the AI’s capabilities.

📈 Trending Tech Talks:

🪄 Our Favorite Recommendation:

Synthesia: Turn text to video in minutes

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📰 Quick News:

Checking In On Autodesk's AI 3D Image Generator, Buildots' Delay Forecast, And NVIDIA's Robotics Partnership

Construction management platform Buildots, on May 15, added a new Delay Forecast feature to its construction project management platform.

At I/O, Google Talks Up 'Responsible AI.' What's That All About?

To guard against potential harms, AI makers need to stay vigilant. At its developer conference, Google outlined what it's up to.

📝 Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

In this blog, we'll walk you through the steps to create an LLM using these tools.

React hooks provide built-in solutions to managing the state of your applications – for example, with the useState() hook.

Shopify Apps Guide- Setup shopify app environment:- Install ruby version -> 3.2.0 (https://phoenixnap.com/kb/install-ruby-ubuntu)

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  1. Glitter AI: Turn any process into a step-by-step guide

  2. Warmy.io: Boost your email deliverability with an AI driven algorithm

  3. ThriveStack v0.1: Self service infrastructure for the product-led era

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