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  • 🖼️ Google Bard AI can now display images

🖼️ Google Bard AI can now display images

[ inside ] China’s hackers hit U.S. vital infrastructure and more.

Hello Geeks, good to see you again!👋

We are back with yet another Bi-weekly AI newsletter, let’s discuss the most captivating and crucial subjects in the realms of AI, technology, and business. In this edition, you’ll learn about:

🚀 AI Copilot: Windows 11’s smart helper

🔒 Netflix: No more password sharing

💸 Apple: Taking 30% from AI innovators

💎 Topaz: Infosys’ generative AI solution

 🔎 Product Review!!!

Scalenut has been a lifesaver for our content creation process, enhancing quality and efficiency.

Pros: Amazing content generation. Versatile templates for different use cases. User-friendly interface. Continuous improvements.

Cons: A low daily limit that restricts the amount of content we can create with this amazing tool.

Scalenut remains a powerful tool that helps us create high-quality content at scale, optimize it for search engines, and publish it to multiple channels quickly and easily. We highly recommend giving it a try!

 Tech Fun Facts: 

AI can use global luminescence (i.e., nightlights) to derive quantitative information about flood exposure and improve probabilistic scenarios of flood exposure.

🔥 It’s Going Viral:

Artificial intelligence was Google’s main topic at I/O 2023 a few weeks ago, just as expected. Google announced that the ChatGPT-like generative AI Google Bard will be available for free without a waitlist in over 180 countries.

You can ask the Copilot to find and tweak something in Windows 11 Settings, and it will do that in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but it can also analyze what's going on on your PC screen and suggests actions accordingly.

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA announced a joint initiative to make it easier for businesses to build and use generative AI models on-premises to quickly and securely deliver better customer service, market intelligence, enterprise search and a range of other capabilities.

📈 Trending Tech Talks:

🔥 Product Spotlight!!!

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🧡 Geekflare Exclusive:

The 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey found that Python is the fourth most-used programming language by professional developers and the third most-used language by those learning how to code.

  1. What is a Python Decorator?

  2. How to Create & use Decorators in Python?

  3. Example Decorators in Python

  4. Importance of decorators in Python

  1. What is Pandas?

  2. Key Data Structures & Features of Pandas

  3. Performance and Efficiency Considerations in Pandas

  4. Community and Resources

📰 Quick News:

Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing has just begun in the US

Netflix promised to take drastic measures to prevent customers from sharing their passwords. Today, the first step toward making people pay extra if they want to share their Netfix subscription with others has been made.

Chinese hackers targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, Microsoft warns

State-sponsored hackers based in China have been working to compromise critical infrastructure in the U.S., Microsoft said on Wednesday.

📝 Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

There are a number of tools in this field, but RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka are two of the most popular. While both are robust and reliable, they have unique features and use cases that make them distinct.

Code scanning detects ReDoS vulnerabilities automatically, but fixing them isn’t always easy. This blog post describes a 4-step strategy for fixing ReDoS bugs.

As of today, the tool is in the waitlist stage. If you don't have access yet, you can request it on the Copilot for CLI page on GitHub Next. An active Copilot subscription is required.

🐦 From The Bird App:

📊 Business Trends:

Apple may not be breaking boundaries in AI, but its firm grasp on the app market allows it to share in the success of those who are.

🤝 AI Ethics:

The company said that with this innovative suite of generative AI tools, organizations would be able to effectively harness the capabilities of cognitive solutions, paving the way for exponential growth.

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⚙️ Tools To Explore:

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  3. Grai: Catch data issues during CI, not in production

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  5. nokori: The Programmable Intelligence Platform

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  7. Internalize: Internalize your goals

  8. DreamStory: Understand the meaning behind your dreams with DreamGPT AI

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