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  • πŸ’” AI "Godfather" leaves Google, citing "scary" outcomes!

πŸ’” AI "Godfather" leaves Google, citing "scary" outcomes!

[ inside ] Microsoft Broke a Chrome Feature and more.

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This edition covers insights on New AI System that Reads What People Are Thinking, Microsoft Broke a Chrome Feature and more.


In 2018, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley developed an AI-powered robot that can fold laundry, but the robot's slow and clumsy movements earned it the nickname "Laundroidzilla."


A continued look at what’s going on in AI. This time we take a look at everything from AutoGPT and a fake AI Drake to AI art and copyright law.


  • Using Instaloader

  • Writing a Python Script to Download Instagram Data

Search engines powered by AI have gained so much prominence in recent times. With this surge also comes the potential promise and the perils of losing too much too soon of human research and fact-finding skills.

Downloading third-party apps is the best thing about Android customization. However, why download lots of apps when few do the trick?


Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is concerned about what will happen if AI gets into the wrong hands.

Exciting breakthroughs in AI are happening at an unprecedented rate, and a team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin has just added another one to the list!

The South Korean firm has asked staff not to use the tools on company-owned devices, and to avoid inputting company-related details on personal devices.


Stripe to power Microsoft Teams payments for businesses

Microsoft has teamed up with Stripe to let North American businesses accept payments directly in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Broke a Chrome Feature to Promote Its Edge Browser

Windows borked a feature that let you change your default browser, and some users saw popups every time they opened Chrome. It's the 1990s again for Microsoft.


Super excited to share that we just publicly launched Unispend on Product Hunt and I wanted to share how Developers can integrate Unispend.

That article was selected as one of the winners of the DebuggingFeb Writeathon and got a lot of visibility from the Hashnode community.

This article explains how to add an in-app notification center to your Angular app and gives you a few reasons to smile πŸ™ƒ

🐦 From The Bird App:


Driven by the intersection of social, environmental and economic urban challenges coupled with the impact of transformative technologies, the market for smart city tech is expected to grow at a 10% compound annual growth rate for the next decade, according to global market research firm Guidehouse Insights.


In December 2022, French AI-based software company Sonio received €10 million from the European Innovation Council (EIC) accelerator.

To date the company has raised €15 million. Sonio offers stand-alone AI SaaS software that works with any ultrasound machine device to increase prenatal ultrasounds' accuracy.

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