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AI Cheatsheet: Essential Guide for Developers


Are you an AI enthusiast seeking a treasure trove of resources to enhance your development journey?

Look no further! In this comprehensive document, we've curated a diverse collection of 86 excellent resources, your gateway to AI excellence!

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You will find 33 indispensable development assistants, 22 powerful tools tailor-made for crafting cutting-edge AI applications, and 14 user-friendly no-code/low-code solutions to simplify app creation. But that's not all – we've also included 8 vibrant AI/ML communities where you can connect and collaborate with like-minded innovators.

And to stay updated with the latest AI insights, we've gathered 9 must-follow AI Twitter accounts. Happy learning!

How to Use This Document

Welcome to this comprehensive document designed to enhance your AI development journey. Inside, you'll find a treasure trove of 86 excellent resources curated just for you.

Unleash your potential with 33 development assistants and explore the possibilities using 22 tools tailored for AI application development. Simplify your workflow with 14 no-code/low-code tools for app creation.

Join 8 vibrant AI/ML communities to network and grow your knowledge. Stay updated and inspired by following 9 influential AI Twitter accounts.

Navigate easily through this wealth of knowledge and transform your AI endeavors into a resounding success.

Development Assistants

1. Github Copilot: Your AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot uses OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor.

2. Tabnine: AI assistant for software developers, Code faster with whole-line & full-function code completions.

3. Hey Github: Code using voice input, converting speech to code, eliminating the need for a physical keyboard in programming tasks.

4. OpenAI Codex: AI system that translates natural language to code.

5. AICommit: AI-generated Git commit messages

No-code / Low-code Tools

6. Browse AI: The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website. Train a robot in 2 minutes. No coding is required.

7. Roboflow: Give your software a sense of sight. With a few images, you can deploy a computer vision model in the afternoon.

8. Felvin: Discover and build your unique AI-enabled app from just a prompt.

9. Brancher AI: Connect AI models to build AI apps in minutes, with no code.

10. Sitekick AI: Sitekick is an AI landing page builder. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages without the need for coding, design, or copywriting skills.


In conclusion, this document offers a total of 86 excellent resources, comprising 33 development assistants, 22 AI application tools, 14 no-code/low-code tools, 8 AI/ML communities, and 9 AI Twitter accounts.

It is a valuable asset for AI enthusiasts and developers, providing ample support and opportunities to stay informed and foster innovation in the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence.


Ankit, Editor


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